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To be able to work safely, alerts can play an important role, such as safety lighting and safety signs. Alerts can save lives, for example warnings for dangerous or unhealthy situations by means of safety signs. The requirements are laid down in European standards and our alerts meet these requirements. Safety lighting is a requirement for the proper execution of work in dark environments and for visibility. This can prevent unnecessary accidents.

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We offer a complete range of signaling. Think of: warning, prohibition, command and rescue pictograms and texts and demarcation and marking systems. Our alerts make it clear at a glance what is forbidden or obligatory, for example. Safety signage can be done by means of a barrier tape or stickers with pictograms. It contains simple icons, without superfluous details that immediately make the situation clear. The size may be determined by yourself, if the signaling is clearly visible and the color of the signaling is correct.

Forms and colors of icons:

Form Color
Green Rescue and evacuation
Red Firefighting
Red Prohibition
Blue Commandment
Yellow black Warning


There should be no misunderstanding about the safety signage message. That is why European standards apply for design, image, text and use of color. The employer is obliged to use this alert if the workplace or work could pose a risk to safety or health. All our signage complies with the EN-ISO 7010 standard: graphic symbols, safety colors and signs - registered safety signs. This standard describes the fixed principles of the safety symbols.

Below are the most commonly used materials:

  • Alu: aluminum anodised 1,5 mm.
  • Alu. Prof .: aluminum profiled anodised with synthetic side caps black / gray
  • Dibond: Hard plate polyethylene core with aluminum cover plates
  • PP: polyprop hard plate 1,5 mm.
  • PVC: hard plate 1 - 1,5 mm.
  • PVC-Din: hard plate photoluminescent, aftermaterial 1 mm.
  • PVC-HI: hard plate photoluminescent HIGH INTENSITY, aftermathing material 1 mm.
  • UV-line: chlorine-free self-adhesive sticker with extreme UV protection
  • Vin .: Vinyl self-adhesive sticker
  • Vin-Din: Self-adhesive photoluminescent, after-firing material

Obligations signaling

By using the right signaling, lives can be saved, so the use of this is very important. This importance is recognized internationally, therefore European guidelines have been drawn up. This so that you can understand the signaling everywhere. A number of main points within the European Directive are:

  • The authorities of EC member states must hold all employers responsible for providing prescribed safety signs;
  • The Directive must be introduced in the national legislation of all member states;
  • The Directive defines minimum requirements, it is desirable that extra signaling be provided;
  • There may be a small deviation in the pictograms and these may be more detailed than the standard pictograms, if these pictograms only convey the right meaning with the correct shape and color;
  • There is no legal fixation of pictograms, all our icons are of the format that they are clearly visible. The Directive states that rescue boards for at least 50% of the surface must be green;
  • The use of fluorescent pictograms is not mandatory, but allowed;
  • Firefighting equipment must be indicated with an icon or localization sign;
  • The Directive also states that obstacles and hazardous places must be marked with yellow / black or red / white markings. An example of this are ours barrier tapes;
  • In addition, pipes for hazardous substances must also be provided with markings.

Safety lighting

Safety lighting ensures the recognition of evacuation devices and safe evacuation of persons in the event of failure of normal artificial lighting. Think of the emergency exit. In addition, some working conditions require lighting. Like working in dark rooms, it may be useful to have a flashlight in your pocket, but sometimes it is not practical to hold it and a head lamp offers a solution.