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To safely carry out various activities, we recommend always wearing gloves. Our range contains various qualitative safety gloves that comply with different European Standards. Wearing gloves also promotes comfort during the work. In this way they ensure that the hands are protected during cleaning work or keep your hands warm in conditions with conductive and contact cold.

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Gloves come in various shapes and sizes and have been specially developed for various external protections such as chemicals or heat. Consider carefully in advance the type of machine style that has been used, but also the liner, if necessary the correct sanding and cutting resistance and tear resistance. There are several factors that gloves can and must meet. You can easily fill in the right standards on the left side and the suitable glove will automatically roll out for you. It is also possible to have almost all gloves printed.

Protective gloves

Our safety gloves can protect you against chemicals and further substances from outside, but also against injuries. For some jobs, leather or cotton protective gloves offer sufficient protection against dust, for example, but special gloves are required for other work. By wearing the right protective gloves your hands are protected.