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If a lot of work is done with the hands in a cold environment, it is important to use the right arm and hand protection. The somewhat simpler thermal gloves can already offer a good solution, but our range also includes winter gloves that meet conditions in extreme cold.

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Winter gloves

Our range also includes winter work gloves, which are extremely suitable for working in cold conditions. So extreme, in fact, that some work winter gloves offer protection against -50 ° C. These comply with the European Standard 511: 2006. This standard applies to gloves that protect hands against conductive and contact cold down to -50 ° C. The protection against cold is indicated by a pictogram followed by a series of three performance levels that refer to specific protective properties.

A - Conduction cold

B - Contact cold

C - Water penetration test

0 1 2 3 4
A. Conducting cold Thermal ITR insulation m². C ° / W
I <0,10 0,10 0,15 0,22 0,30 <I
B. Contact cold Thermal resistance R in m². C ° / W
R <0,025 0,025 0,05 0,1 0,15 <R
C. Water penetration test
Not succeeded Successful - - -

All these gloves must achieve at least performance level 1 for abrasion and tear resistance. '0' means that level 1 was not reached during the test. "X" means that the test has not been performed or is not possible.

Winter work gloves

Thermo gloves are available in different versions, such as the inner lining and the coating with its specific external characteristics. Popular liners include acrylic and polyamide. These protect your hands from the cold so that you can continue to work comfortably and warmly. In addition, we have several winter work gloves that protect your hands against the cold, insulate well and are also waterproof.

Gloves cold-resistant

As described above, the EN standard 511: 2006 is one of the most important standards for work where gloves are cold resistant. In addition, these gloves may also provide protection against mechanical hazards and / or chemicals and microorganisms when cold resistant. At the bottom of each glove is described which EN standard the glove meets and how the winter glove performs at the performance level as described in the table above.