Temporarily we only offer products online for which we can guarantee stock. For other products (respiratory, head and eye and face protection) please contact per email or telephone.

OCI link

More overview in your purchase orders and simplify the process? Then use our OCI link. This allows you to view and order your online offer via your own ERP system and the order will be placed in your own purchasing system.

Operation OCI link

An OCI link is a technical link with your purchasing system. Through this link you can easily search and order products, with the right prices and all necessary information. As soon as your order is complete and is in the shopping cart, the order is not sent directly to us, but it comes in your own ERP system for verification. After approval, the order will be returned to us and we will process it.

Advantages OCI link

The link ensures that you no longer have to manually copy the article data and you always have the information about the availability of our PPE. In addition, you get insight into our extensive article file and you always see the current prices. This takes into account our price agreements and the prices are always up-to-date. With our OCI link shopping is automated and saves a lot of time. In addition, the OCI link also offers the possibility to receive and process digital delivery notes and invoices.

More efficient order procedure

By working in this way a more efficient ordering procedure is created. If regular PPEs are ordered from us this can take a lot of time by requesting a quote and then putting it into your own system. Online ordering is very easy with the OCI link. You can easily select the PPE on our website, the order will be placed in your purchasing system and after your approval it will be returned to us. The link also offers the possibility to create an order list with favorite products that you can order at once.

Would you like an easy way to make a purchase order through our site? Contact us by calling 0473 - 55 98 47 or send an email to [Email protected].