Temporarily we only offer products online for which we can guarantee stock. For other products (respiratory, head and eye and face protection) please contact per email or telephone.

Clothing management system

We want to make it as clear and simple as possible for you as a customer. That is why we have an unpaid Clothing Management System (KMS) in which you have a clear overview of our assortment, the budget and the corresponding prices. For example, ordering and managing your stock of PPE is reduced to a simple process. It is a free service that we offer and that saves you money and time.

Simply order your PPE's

As an organization you can use our KMS. You can personalize your page to your own organization for recognisability within the organization. You can also set up your personal PPE, so that your employees do not get lost in our wide range and order the right PPE for your organization. All your employees can easily log in and order new PPE from home. You can set a budget as an organization and keep an eye on the order. The KMS has been developed to facilitate ordering and tracking. In this way of working, the ordering, production and delivery processes are accelerated.

All orders in an overview

In our KMS, all data of the employees are stored securely. Only you as an organization and your employee can view this data. Even the size of the employee can already be entered, so that it takes even less time to order the PPE. The employee can order individually, but you can also make bulk orders as an organization. In a simple and clear way you can see what has been ordered, what the costs are and whether this is within the budget. In this way, it is easy to see clearly how much budget goes to PPE without a heavy load.

Clear reports

The orders do not have to be handed over by telephone anymore or are not transferred from Excel or another system, all of them can be viewed separately per employee and in an overview of the entire organization. This is more organized administratively, but this method is also less error-prone. KMS offers the possibility to view well-organized reports. This way you can easily see where the consumption is within your organization and when it is ordered.

KMS for your organization?

Curious about the possibilities for your organization? So that your 24 hour per day, 7 days per week can make your orders. Contact us and we will gladly tell you more. This can be done by calling 0473 - 55 98 47 or send an email to [Email protected].