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View our folding towels below. Our range includes ring-spun cotton towels and Z and CZ paper folding towels. C folded towels are stacked loosely on top of each other, so that a folding towel comes out of the dispenser with each purchase. The Z-fold towels are half-folded, this ensures that the next sheet is always ready for use when removing a folding towel. This is hygienic because you only have contact with the skin you are using.

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4 Products)


Towels can be used for multiple purposes. For example, the workplace can be cleaned with a towel, spilled liquid can be cleaned up, but the hands can also be cleaned or dried on a towel. Visitors and employees in the workplace must always have the opportunity to dry their hands. This also reduces the risk of diseases, infections and productivity. There is something to be said for both cotton towels and paper towels. Cotton towels do not leave waste, but must be washed out regularly. Depending on the number of people using it. With the paper folding towels, most are designed so that you only touch the cloth that you use.

Folding towel

With our folding towels you can admit that the more layers the towel is, the softer it feels and the stronger it is. If the towel is larger, fewer folding towels are used at a time. Below each towel is described, if applicable, for which dispenser it is best suited, so that you can easily buy the right folding towels for the right dispenser. The folding towels are easy to use as cleaning cloths, handkerchiefs, napkins or to remove or dry your hands with.

2 layer of cellulose

We also have paper towels made of 2-layer cellulose. This means that the towels are made from 100% new cellulose. The two layers are glued to each other, which considerably increases the wet strength of the paper.