White cotton

White cotton rags are ideal for a final finish of parquet, wood, or other materials where a rag can not leave streaks or dirt behind. The cotton absorbs glue residue and you can see whether the rag is dirty or not.

Our white cotton cleaning rags are available in 10 kilos or 25 kilos.

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White cotton rags

The biggest advantage of white cotton rags is that they do not give off color and you can easily check that the surface to be cleaned is clean. White cotton rags are often used from a hygienic point of view. When working with solvents, we recommend that you use white cotton rags, as they will not shed color that could be released by the solvent. Another advantage of the white cotton rags is that they can be used several times, so you are also environmentally conscious.

White cotton

The white cotton rags are also suitable for absorbing grease and moisture, making them well suited for workshops such as garages, fine metal, electronics and more. White cotton rags are also extremely suitable for shipping. Cotton is a strong substance. Our white cotton cleaning rags are packed in a dispenser box or in a bag. Available in 10 or 25 kilos. Because the white cotton rags are in a box, the unused rags remain clean.

White cotton polishing rags

The white cotton cleaning rags are made from clothing that can no longer be worn and can be used for standard to fine cleaning and polishing work. Think of washed and recycled textiles such as cotton shirts. White cotton rags are good for polishing smooth surfaces such as cars or cleaning fine mechanics. But white cotton rags are also perfect for the final finish of wood or other materials where no streaks or dirt should be left behind. The cotton absorbs glue residues well.