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Terry absorbs more moisture than ordinary cotton polishing rags. These rags are used to dry surfaces. Condensate can be removed with it, but also oil or other substances. The white quality guarantees that you see where the rags are dirty. With colored terry you see this less well.

Terry cloth polishing rags are soft and suitable for polishing, but can also absorb substances very well.

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Terry cloth rags

Polishing rags made of terry are made from old and washed terry textile. Ideal for workplaces with heavy pollution, because they have a high tensile strength and high absorbency. Terry cloth polishing rags also have a solid quality and with these qualities they can clean the heaviest dirt. They can absorb liquids well and clean fine mechanical work.

Terry cloth polish

The terry cloth rags are reusable and available in white and colored. With the white terry polish rags, you better see that they absorb dirt and when they are too dirty to use. But the colored terry rags do not perform better because of the color. Colored terry is much more about and available to make rags here than white. The terry cloths are therefore colourfast and do not give off.

White terry polish rags

In addition to absorbing substances and liquids, white terry cloth rags can also be useful for finding oil leaks. These can easily be placed under a machine and then you will automatically see if any drops of oil end up on the terry cloth. Suitable for different workshops of different types of industries and can be used for different cleaning jobs.