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Light colored cotton

Light colored rags help to work cleanly, ideal for example for car body shops, assembly companies, joiners, etc. It is a perfect alternative to cleaning paper.

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Light colored cotton polishing rags

The light-colored cotton cleaning rags are made from clothing that can no longer be worn, such as washed and recycled polos. But also thin T-shirts and jogging suits. Because the light-colored cotton cleaning rags can be made from this, they are soft and absorb oil and water well. That is why the light-colored cotton rags are good to use in industry, but also paint companies, assembly companies and printing companies. In addition, they are of course free of buttons, zippers and the like, so that they will not leave scratches.

Lightly colored polishing rags

In this category you will find light colored cotton rags, also called lightly colored polishing rags. Here the rags are sorted by color and the lighter colors are represented in this category. The light colored polishing rags are known for their ability to absorb a lot of liquid. The brightly colored cleaning rags are available in boxes of 10 kilo and bags of 10 kilo or 25 kilo. The lightly colored polishing rags are colourfast and do not give off and are well suited for coarse soiling.