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Our absorbents can be used in a large number of applications. From normal maintenance to cleaning up dangerous chemicals. Absorbents help keep the work environment clean and safe and reduce environmental damage. In addition, you can avoid chemical contamination with these agents. Absorbents are available in various shapes and sizes.

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Absorbents are intended to be used for specific jobs and materials. Some can be used for general maintenance, while other absorbents are designed to clean up oil or chemicals. Our wide range of absorbents meet specific requirements. View below what.

Oil absorbers

We have specific absorbers for absorbing oil. They are hydrophobic, which means that they are water-repellent and this makes them ideal for absorbing oil in areas where water may also be present.

Industrial absorbents

The industrial absorbers are ideal for quickly, safely and effectively absorbing oil and other industrial liquids, such as lubricants, benzene, but also vegetable cooking oil.

Chemical absorbents

The ideal solution for cleaning up hazardous substances are the chemical absorbents. They have a very high absorption capacity and are suitable for absorbing a wide range of liquids, including even aggressive acids and alkalis.

Absorbents are available in various types and sizes

Sheets and rolls
These absorbers can be used in and around the work environment. They absorb leaks and drops, have a very high absorbency and are easy to use.

Mini sausages - Pillows
Ideal around a leaking machine to contain and absorb oil and cutting fluids. We have industrial mini sausages and industrial absorption sausages.

Kits for cleaning up hazardous substances
Each absorption package (Spill Kit) contains a carefully chosen selection of absorbents for the various purposes. These practical kits are very useful to quickly and effectively control hazardous liquids.