Temporarily we only offer products online for which we can guarantee stock. For other products (respiratory, head and eye and face protection) please contact per email or telephone.

About us

Our mission:

Allow as many people as possible to use the right PPE for the right application. Improving the quality of work in a safe working environment with respect for the environment, the individual and society.

About us:

PBMonline.be is a one-stop-shop for small and medium-sized companies, associations and local authorities. We only sell B2B. PBMonline.be is an online company in combination with personal contact with you, our client. The website helps you make the right choice, but once ordered we will, if you appreciate this, gladly visit you to guide you through the purchase of your PPE.


PBMonline.be wants to unburden you as much as possible. We do this with the 'hurry up for wait' principle. 'Hurry' because the website combined with our service ensures that you get the information you need quickly. 'Wait' because we are waiting for your decision. In practice this means: you order, PBMonline.be does the rest and keeps you proactively informed about your order.